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Managing Orders

Manage Order Status:

    1. On the order details page, you can update the order status to reflect its progress.
    2. On the website, we have the following statuses for orders:
      • Processing – The order is received and is being prepared for rental, including verification of availability and necessary documentation, also the status while the car is being rented. All orders in processing will NOT be displayed for other users during the time it was booked for.
      • On hold – The order is temporarily paused or under review, usually due to pending verification, payment issues, or customer inquiries.
      • Completed – The rental order has been successfully fulfilled, and the customer has returned the car, concluding the rental process.
      • Canceled – The rental order has been canceled, either by the customer or the rental company, resulting in the termination of the rental agreement.
    3. To change the order status, select the checkbox for the order(s) you’d like to change then select the option from the “Bulk actions” or the “Status” drop-down menu you’d like. Once that’s done, click the “Apply” button.

Manage Order Items:

    1. On the order details page, you can see a list of services and addons included in the order.
    2. You can modify individual items, including quantity, price, and taxes if necessary.
    3. To add or remove items, click on the “Add item” or “Remove” buttons.

Order Actions

    1. There are a few Order actions you can complete:
      • Email Invoice/ order details to the customer
      • Resend new order information
      • Regenerate download permissions

Manage Customer Details:

    1. The customer information associated with each order can be found in this section as well.
    2. On the order details page, you can view and edit customer details such as name, email address, billing address, and shipping address.
    3. To make changes, click on the “Edit” link next to the customer’s name or the respective section.

Process Payments:

    1. If your customers have made payments online, you can manage and track them within this section.
    2. On the order details page, you will find the payment status and details under the “Payment” section.
    3. If needed, you can manually mark an order as paid or initiate refunds.

Add Order Notes:

    1. The dashboard allows you to communicate with customers by adding order notes. Use this section to add notes, discuss rental details, or address any specific customer requests or concerns.
    2. You can leave messages or updates for customers, and they will be notified via email.
    3. To add an order note, scroll down to the “Order Notes” section and enter your message in the provided field.

Manage Refunds and Returns (if applicable):

    1. In the case of refunds or returns, there are features to handle these situations.
    2. On the order details page, you can initiate refunds, process returns, and manage refund transactions.

Archive or Delete Completed Orders:

    1. Once an order is completed and no longer relevant for your records, you can choose to archive or delete it.
    2. Archiving helps maintain a historical record of past orders, while deleting removes them permanently from the system.
    3. Consider your business requirements before archiving or deleting orders.
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