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The renter must be at least twenty (20) years old.
Drivers License must be no less than two (2) years old.
First time renters need a proof of address such as:
Utility bill
Posted mail with name of renter
Lease agreement

  • The renter must have a government issued driver’s license which is not
    expired. The driver’s photograph must be clear.
    Please note:
    Photocopies of drives licenses are not accepted.
    Learners permits are not accepted.
    Temporary driver’s licenses may be refused if cannot verify by the organization. Additional government issued identification may be required.
  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cashapp
  • Zelle
Yes, there is a minimum deposit of $20,000 JMD or $200 USD per 

Reservations are highly recommended.  

For a vehicle to be reserved, the customer is required to pay total in full. This includes the rental fee and deposit. 
Yes, however we will have to know ahead of time to put procedures 
in place. 
Please note.  
  • A vehicle that is returned after hours will not be checked until the following business day. When returned after hours, the renter is responsible for the vehicle until it has been check-in.   
There is a thirty-minutes (30) grace period for all renters. If vehicle is returned 
after the grace period, an additional extension fee is charged for each hour 
until vehicle has been returned. 
  • The hourly rate of the vehicle plus 50%.  
  • The renter must refuel the vehicle to the same fuel. 
  • The company is not responsible for refunding if fuel is more than how is was given during checkout. 
  • If a customer does not refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level, they will incur a gas charge. 
  • A full tank gas is not guaranteed. 
The DC Reid’s Auto Imports, Rental and Taxi Services Limited is pet friendly. 
Pets are allowed in the vehicle however it is the renters responsible to ensure 
that the vehicle is returned in the same condition. The renter needs a pet crated 
to carry pets. Service animals used by customers with disabilities allowed in 
vehicle without carrier. The renter will be charged details cleaning fee if 
vehicle returned with hair or pet soils.  

Yes, all renters can extend their rental. The renter would have to contact the company via WhatsApp, call, email or visit the office.  

An invoice is generated and send through your email immediately after booking is confirmed.  

Jamaican Dollars (JMD) or United State Dollars (USD) 

The organization provides a waiver additional daily driver’s fee that is  typically $1000JMD per day. Spouses and domestic partners of the primary drivers will not be charged an additional driver fee. In addition, the $1000JMD per day additional driver fee is waived for corporate contracts where the additional driver is the renter’s business partner, employer or fellow associate. 

All vehicles use Petrol (90) 

After the vehicle has been checked off by a representative who will then confirm if deposit should be released.  You will lose your deposit if the vehicle has minor damage to a rental car such as scratches, dents or chipped windshield. You may have to pay out of pocket for any repairs needed.  

The renter will be refunded for the days that was not used during the renting period. this does not include promotional bookings.

The customer must contact the company and request for bookings to be cancelled. 
The renter will incur a 30% cancellation fee if you chose to cancel a prepaid reservation. If you do not cancel the reservation or the rental vehicle is not picked up 
on the rental date, no portion of the rental fee will be refunded. The fee above does not include the deposit that was paid. 

The renter could call or send us a message through WhatsApp or Instagram. 

If a vehicle has been broken down due to mechanical failure and is not drivable, be sure to get to a safe place out of traffic. Then contact DC Reid’s  Auto Imports, Rental and Taxi Services limited for assistance.  

You can contact our customer service representative at 876-320-8251 or email us at dcreids086@gmail.com 

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